Shiklina (GRAND Rumble Winner)

Prepare for a dazzling spectacle as Moth Moth Moth and a vibrant ensemble of friends bring you Rainbow Rumble—a thrilling monthly extravaganza celebrating the artistry of drag performers in the vibrant city of Memphis, TN. Witness as talented artists compete, igniting the stage with their remarkable skills and captivating performances. Join us for an unforgettable evening of glamour, fierce competition, and unbridled creativity at Rainbow Rumble!

Want the best seat in the house?

VIP Section
— $75 Tables
— $75 Couches
— $100 Big Couch

$15 GA Tickets are also available pre-show & at the door.

Shiklina (GRAND Rumble Winner)
Shiklina (GRAND Rumble Winner)

Are you ready to Rainbow Rumble?

Feb 17 | Buzz Buzz Buzz
March 18 | Clowning Around
April 15 | Weather Channel
May 20 | Flowers for You
June 24 | 80’s Night
July 15 | The Big ‘Ole Merican
August 19 | Fashion Forward
September 16 | Kings Night

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Rumble Royalty

Season 1 | June 2021 - Feb 2022

Season 1 GRAND Rainbow Rumble Winner: Shiklina

Shiklina (GRAND Rumble Winner)

Season 2 | May-Dec 2022

Season 2 GRAND Rumble Winner: Hunny Blunt

Shiklina (GRAND Rumble Winner)

Season 3 | Feb-Oct 2023

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Moth Moth Moth | Co-Producer

Legend of Shelda | Co-Producer

Black Lodge | Venue

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